Open Arms Massage

Success stories

"Where can you go to get an awesome massage and solve world's problems at the same time? lol I think we covered everything in life while he tortured a good way though. It's how I get through it. Distractions!"

- Lenore G


"Scott was great!! He was very professional and knowledgeable. He also made sure to provide suggestions after the session was over for better results. "

- Geraldine C


"Scott is very professional, kind, and personable. I explained a problem I have been having with my shoulder and he quickly identified the issue and provided relief from the pain within minutes. I am so excited to have found him and will definitely be a regular customer. Thank you Scott! You made my day - so much appreciated!"

- Alexandrie D


"Scott was simply fantastic! I was very cautious as I had never had a massage before but he was so nice and really listened to me when I said where my problem areas were, he even found a couple that were all tenses up that I did even know! All in all, it was a wonderful session, I feel like a new person! I will definitely be coming back again!"

- Jenni R